Sunday, June 16, 2013

What'll make Susan happy?

Will a box full of chocolates covered in thick caramel?
Or a truck full of dreams of a life free of hassle?
Or a pair of new shoes with a matching pretty frock?
Or a pen and a bag or an expensive rock?
Or an opportunity to travel lands afar?
Or a video game where characters crush monsters bizarre?
Or a promise of  a wedding with the grandest banquet you've ever seen?
Or a walk on the beach on a breezy summer evening?
Or the bite of a mouth-watering pastry?
Or a piece of spectacular jewellery?
Tell me Susan, do you want a car or a plane?
What'll make you happy?... I ask again.

Neither jewellery nor luxury,
Neither life free of cares,
Neither a box full of candy
Nor a game with thrilling adventures.
Neither the astounding sight of the countries afar 
Nor the jarring sound of machines pumping at par.
I care very little for a bejeweled attire,
It cannot give me the peace I so now desire.
Neither a wedding nor the fanfare,
All these are fruitless, means nothing I swear

I want you Papa to love me like your own,
I want you to be by my side from night to noon.
I want you to be less busy,
Less angry,more calm,
I want you to smile a little more till you can
Not buy me with pleasures: dull and transient,
I want us to be happy, being alive to each moment.


  1. 'Being alive to each moment' - Excellent thing to aspire for! The poem is well-written :)

    1. Thank you Rajesh...yes, I believe that in our quest for everything dazzling, we forget to live and treasure every second of our lives...And a daughter can only want her father's love and blessings :D

  2. Perfect poem for Father's day....well written :)

    1. Well, may be not a perfect poem for the occasion..but shows a side of the sentiment little children experience in today's world..As a teacher I come across many fathers, who are so self-involved that they forget their other most important responsibility is raising a child with tenderness and affection and not shower buckets of money on her..After all, money cannot buy love :D

  3. Nice poem on Father's Day. I like "less angry and more calm" very much.

    1. HaHahA...yes the line came to me on seeing my father sometimes getting livid over the unprofessional attitude of people at work back home..anyway, thank you for your kind words..:)

  4. simple little joys of life are also the best ones.....nice poem neelima