Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Even if I were broke

Even if I were broke,
I would always take note ,
Of how you feel 
About me.
Every moment of the day,
I would take care,
Of all your dreams,
Of all you love,my baby.

Even if I were broke,
I would never overlook,
That silent tear
Tearing us apart.
Every minute of the year,
I promise you that
My love'll go strong
I'll never do you wrong,believe me.

Even if I were broke,
Our love would soak
Up all the pains,
And the remains
Of sorrow.

We will always,
Till the end of our days,
Live a beautiful today and tomorrow.


  1. Power of love is anyday better than love of power, money or any other thing. And it does not take money, gold or materialistic things to shower the power of love on our loved ones. A gentle thought, few kind words, and some helpful acts can do it.

    The poem is amazing!

    1. Thank u for liking the post :) Keep reading :)