Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The final conversation between a man and his wife

I...I am tired.
I'm sick and tired.
Of your fruitless endeavors,
Of your empty promises,
Of you sitting here and doing nothing...
Of you hiding your face while I'm talking!

Don't you see how it pains me?
How it fills me with agony!
Don't you see everything crumbling?
It's like worms crawling all over my body.
The radio's loud song is drowning my words,
I can see you look at my face and stare confused
For you hear nothing, nothing really at all...

What? The words are failing you, eh?
 When have you ever spoken, anyway?
All  you do is sit and grumble
Of how politics is a sham, Earth's a rubble
Of waste, without realizing for a moment
That you've grown distant...
You no more feel what I feel,
Your stoic face fails to reveal
The warmth of  love that once 
Had brought us together, but now alas!
Everything has turned chilling cold.
Everything is lost in time's fold.

Do I see a glimmer of rage?
Do I see a hint of disgust?
I'm pained by your indifference...but speak I must:
Can't you see your child crying in hunger?
Can't you see that he needs to be fed?
Instead you break the lamp, show your anger,
When all he needs is a loaf of bread, my dear.

You fail to act, you hesitate to react. 
Is that a tear rolling down your cheek?
Is it my comfort you now seek?
I am sick and tired, yes that's a fact.
All these games trouble me, torture me.
Now I have decided to set myself free.
My bags are packed, the tickets are here,
I'm taking my child with me 
And return I will never ever.
You may continue to live in this cage
 Build up your rage,
Sit all day long (indefinitely)
And crib over all that's wrong (indefinitely).

No, you will not stop me now,
My soul is crushed, my heart is sore.
I close my door on you today,
My mind is set, don't stand in my way.
This is my goodbye to you,enough said.
I hope one day you'll comprehend ,
What made me cut loose...
I bleed, I'm dead.

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