Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A child's thought

The bell rings "ding dong" from someplace afar,
I rush to my window, clinging to the iron bar.
A group of school children pass under my house,
Shouting cries of joy, while I gaze with remorse.
I can see their perfect bodies, shapely arms and legs,
I can see their faces not wrinkled with ugly creases.
I see that their eyes are big and beautiful,
They're nothing like me...strange and unusual.

I've often heard people call me 'abnormal',
But my mother tells me that I'm different, I'm special!
Yet Mommy doesn't permit me to play outside,
She says too much sun may hurt my little eyes.
A tutor comes home and teaches me alphabets,
But these books are weird, full of broken shapes and figures.
I still don't understand why they stare so hard,
When I fail to express emotions...they call me 'retard'.
They fall silent ,while my family looks despondent,
As if I am a lunatic, in need of medical attention.

I don't understand many words that people say to me,
They console me for nothing, weeping tears of mock pity.
Who is a 'retard', who is 'abnormal'? Who really decides?
I'm born with my very own Fate which someday I'll have to exercise.
In spite of the courage I show,
I stare wistfully out of my window,
Will there ever come a day when I'll run with these children?
Run far far away and discover my very own Neverland?
Will I be loved by all, will I be given an opportunity?
To show that I need no sympathy and definitely, no charity?
The green grass sways softly, the bee buzzes by,
The day comes to a close, the sun kisses me goodbye.
Tomorrow will be another day, another day of expectations,
Tomorrow may be the day when I get to fulfil my aspirations...
I dream a dream, while gradually
 Darkness descends on my deformity,
With misty eyes,
 I now seem to realize
Being differently-abled, it is highly probable
That my journey'll be difficult...but not impossible.


  1. Everyone is special in their own way and we all must understnd it

  2. Bingo! Well done Neelima, you poured a beautiful subject in so lovely poem :)

  3. I enjoy reading your poems, and I'm awarding you a Liebster for writing such original, well-composed poems!

    You can collect it here http://chaitanyavs.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/my-liebster-blog-award-im-a-liebster-blogster/

    Make sure you have all the required elements in your post when you announce your award to the world!


    1. Thank you for your kind words...and thanks a ton for considering me for the award...do keep reading my posts and critiquing it...