Monday, June 3, 2013

The writer's block

My mind is drawing a blank today,
Nothing interesting is coming my way.
No images of beauty, no tales of duty,
No memories of past, no future- alas!
I sit by the empty sheet and bereave
The death of all I consider innovative.

I await a sweet dream to quietly touch my sore eyes,
The sheer beauty of which draws me to a world so far-
Where words are unmarred by a web of lies,
Where no relationships ever do turn sour,
Where Love reigns over the hearts of all,
Where Ignorance isn't really that blissful,
Where the Melodies bring in a word of cheer,
Where Laws are flexible and revered,
Where Unity is both preached and practiced,
Where Peace isn't lost in a maze of tactics.
A wonderful world both incredible and chaste,
Where Reason is never ignored in haste.

Holy Angels now glower at me in rage,
Disapproving the perfection I envisage.
Mock at my foolishness, laugh at my immaturity:
For in imperfection, they say, lies the core of divinity
Truth they proclaim is eternally flawed,
Reason breeds treason, unity ends in war.
Melody strikes discordant notes without competition,
An incredible world is banal; so ended their explanation.

I spoil my ruminations with my shallow expectations.
What I don't realize is that I utter nothing new..
Novelty, creativity rendered dry in the verse so base,
All that I can do is rue and place a curfew
On all that I pen, and lift it only when
My thoughts aren't gospels and bland assertions
On the morality of the world I dwell in.

Yet you, my dear Reader, read on,
Believing I can pull out a surprise hereon
And charm your insatiable inquisitiveness.
My mind so restless, neck deep in frustration,
I yearn for an escape, a way of liberation.
My soul lies chained, whipped and bare,
The crude and the ordinary now ensnare...
I turn my head  but I am led
By strange voices, befuddled.
Doubts and suspicions, a million questions-
Wander unanswered, torturing me within.

While I declare the demise of everything nice,
I go back to bed and wistfully shut my eyes.
I see a large rock destroying my peace,
Murdering ruthlessly my area of expertise.
I suffer in agony confounded by a disease.
Can you offer me a tablet to put me at ease?
No answer, I hear.. so there I perceive,
My mind perishes bit by bit...I lie grief.


  1. Read couple of your posts...Liked the way of you put forward your thoughts... :)

    1. Thank you so much ...But have miles to go before I improvise my style...Do keep reading and critiquing!