Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pain and Joy

What is it about Pain and Joy
That inspire poets alike?
One drenched in the colour of dread,
The other an emboldened red !
While one is a celebration of Glory and Power,
The other, a wicked impostor.
Together they affect us
By tears and cries,
In passing years
Of mirth and grief-
All so elusive, all so brief.

Pain. The torturous demon. Merciless.
Unspoken. To be suffered in silence.
Enslaving for a longer time.
Played and replayed on the stage of mind.
Lived and relived in all its details.
Pain.Easy to explore but hard to ignore.
Pain. Lessened by Time.
Lessened but never obliterated. Never forgotten.
And one day it bursts forth the deeper chambers;
Unlocking all bolted doors,
Bursting in hot tears of regret and remorse
Considering a moment that could've been, should've been
Yet was never meant to be so.

Joy. A light-eyed angel that is hard to come by.
Tiptoeing stealthily, lifting us high.
Engaging in games, 
Without a fear or a care: 
Banishing apprehensions, 
Coaxing dull spirits to dare,
To hope, to dream, to live and gallop
On uncharted terrains- 
To rise and stand up.
Joy. Spontaneous and infectious.
Delicious, unpretentious.
The rainbow, the smile.
The clear sky.
 A melody
A kiss. A success.
No tragedy. No mess.
An hour when nothing seems impossible.
A moment of countless promises,

One gentle tap changes the motion of Fate
Where there was love, now is hate:
Then how can one possibly evade
The spectacle that both create?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chasing sunshine

A cry. A knock. A black out.
A tear. A window. A night
Expanding on and on.
Broken glass. Broken frame.
A picture. Smiling faces.
Our faces. Yours and mine
With fingers still intertwined.
Two knocks. Three knocks.
Too many knocks on the door.
The stars. The traffic. So distant.
Yet close.
"Tick-tock. Tick-tock." 
Time's up. Time's up.
The game is up.
One leap. One decision.
The knock ceases.
The curtain drops.
It is morning. For now and ever.