Friday, May 17, 2013

Reflections...on mind

"You really have a talent..."

"You were mind blowing...the way you connected with the audience was simply amazing.."

A thunderous applause. A drum roll. Happy music plays.Tears glisten the cheek. A moment of triumph. The moment when dreams come true.

"Real people. Real passions. One Dream"

This is a done-to-death shot in each and every reality show. It appears scripted but screams of "real emotions" weaving magic. This morning I was glued to "The X Factor" on AXN...And surprisingly, there was a good word for every contestant by the judges. Someone had loads of untapped potential, some fought poverty to realize his dreams and some just wanted to try their hands at something different. Its the story of the underdog that keeps the TRPs soaring. A common man with an extraordinary something that sets him apart, that gives him the winning edge. The tears are a 'natural' outcome of years of struggle bearing fruit on live television. People like me on the other side, who may be getting on with their lives clumsily, or stuffing breakfast in a routine manner, are left mesmerized and wonder struck. So they say that Hard Work is the key to one's success. A plain Jane can get a makeover and metamorphose into a stunning  diva...and how is that possible? They flash that perfect smile and look tenderly through the idiot box,as if meeting our gaze,and say-"Baby, you just need to Believe.." A classic fairy-tale moment.

Just the other day I was reading a book called 'The Power of Subconscious Mind' by Joseph Murphy where this power of belief was repeatedly emphasized upon. The significance of prayers, the need for optimism....all of which culminates into a healthy,prosperous life..a life where dreams flower and not devoured by the storms of hatred. Well, all this reading and the buzz of reality shows without fail prove one important thing...each one us is blessed with a unique ability. Each one of us is important in his or her own way. Now all that I have just said is known to you already. There is really nothing "new" that I have to offer. And that is our very problem. The problem of the society in which we live. We are abiding by the old rules, thinking in the way our forefathers used to think, believing what they believed and disbelieved what they trashed. We are still scared to take risks, to step out of our comfort zones, to play with fire without considering how far we'll burn our hands. We have within us the seeds to the most wonderful trees, but we uproot the plant early, crush it, trample it and set it ablaze. Why? We are scared. Scared of failure. Nothing new,eh? Yet, so true. Our subconscious mind(as the book says) lacks the power of judgement. If consciously we filter positive thoughts, our subconscious mind works upon it and delivers miracles. But if we feed negative thoughts, all it does is demoralize us, break our confidence and hurls us down the pits of despair.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”....a quote by John Milton[ Paradise Lost (Book 1)]rings true to the present day. The mind is a strange zone. It acts like a puppet but at times treats you like one. You are a slave to your thoughts. Thoughts determine actions. Actions determine your personality. Personality adds up to your Identity. The Identity outlines your Being.So, if we need to be fearful of anything, it has to be the power of one's mind..that can conjure pleasantries or engulf us in absolute darkness. 

Coming back to the reality shows, with all high-blown promises of big deals which at times fails to materialize leading to huge controversies),if we keep aside the money and the 20 minutes of fame, we actually do witness the celebration of the human race....the race that boasts of the power to reason, the power to challenge boundaries and blows off all that is insurmountable. Its magnificent to see how true potential  cuts the divide between the highs and the lows, the white and the dark, men and women, east and west. It is a celebration of ingenuity..of perseverance,of will and determination. Five years down the line we may not even remember the name of the solo artist whose song had driven us to tears, or whose act had made us gape at the possibility of such a feat. All that gets imprinted in the subconscious is the grit to fulfill one's destiny, to 'believe' in one's destiny. To believe and just do it,as the heart zooms its way to success..and the mind pats the tired heart and says..."Baby, you just need to believe.." And if we can believe, victory is surely ours.Guaranteed (drum roll).

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