Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Plight

Of broken hopes,dreams and aspirations-
Allow me to speak today,
Life's journey-full of trials and tribulations
Where nothing really goes our way.
Born with rainbow wings of desires,
Fed by a humble spoon of love,
Raised by a passion in the likelihood of fire,
Blessed by all angels was I from above.
My fate was to protect my soul from damnation,
I was destined to flower in the Almighty's benediction.
One day,walking through the meadows green,
 I came across a cavern so strange,
Driven by curiosity, I ventured in
But shrieked with fright,feeling deranged.
The dark clouds gathered, with a slow mumble.
Waking up from my stupor, I tried to fumble
A word of apology,of penance,of forgiveness.
However all my pleas fell on deaf ears.
The blue sky bathed in crimson red...
"Behold!the rise of the Undead!"
The rage was volcanic in its intensity,
My doom was inevitable-I could see.
The angels fled, affrighted and nervous,
Shouting cries that none could save us.
The Pandora's box was open for all to see,
Heavens howled in terror and agony !
I raised my sword,my only defense
Against an army monitored  by Menace.
While the battle began-
Headless knights towards me ran.
Raising my only defense,my sword
I looked weak and overpowered.
Through all the chaos that ensued,
Images of innocence got reduced
To dust and dust that covered by lips
Smeared by blood of enemies.
What caused the dissent,what led to the war,
What decided my Fate, I still wonder...
Innocence is lost early in the hands of time
Experience is the only sheath in one's prime.
I am still fighting- till the present day,
Keeping all my blissful dreams at bay.
My old eyes mirror oceans of dismay
Will the mortal ever have his way?-
"Nay, nay, nay."

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