Friday, May 17, 2013

Rain and Reverie

The clouds have gathered in the sky. It will rain any minute now. The windows have been shut tight for long. The curtains have been pulled open. It is time to witness the magic of universe. The rain. It initiates an emotional turmoil. It makes me crouch with fright when accompanied by thunder and lightning. But a gentle drizzle floods my doleful heart with bliss. It is also a time when I sit in my room, take out a book that I have been meaning to read for a long time,make myself a warm cup of coffee,and snuggle under the blanket for some quiet time. Quiet..quietude denied elsewhere in the ruckus outside. The quiet which soon takes the shape of disquiet with the buzz of activity everyday. The quiet which is tormented by nightmares in the darkness of the room.

 Look! How beautiful is the weather outside today! Its pouring with great intensity. I can hear people squeal with delight. I can feel the hawkers working at lightning speed to cover up all their goods in plastic. Oh! the sweet rustling sound of the breeze caressing the leaves of the trees that decorate roadsides...the pitter-patter on the rooftop...the excited screams...the thunder...its a delightful symphony which throws me into sweet raptures of joy every time, without fail.

 Personally I detest getting wet in the rains. I cite medical problems and deprive myself of the simple joys of dancing in the sweet waters of heaven. My tonsils get bloated, I am down with fever every single time I have got wet. I scarcely remember a day when I just followed by heart and rushed out of the house as soon as it started raining. Without any wonder, I have been branded as the "good girl" for this added reason. But I believe getting drenched in the rain is a different feeling altogether-it is liberating, thrilling and peaceful. For centuries a "dance in the rain" has been symbolic of  assertion of independence from the bondage of man-made world in literature. Its a symbol of doing away with conventions and exercising free will. Rain ignites passion in its very crude form. And hence the origin of the seductive rain dances in Indian cinema. However,with increasing pollution the water has lost all its purity and it pours down diseases relentlessly on the parched hell in which we dwell.

With all things said and done, I would like to go back and enjoy the romanticism of rain. After all we are human beings blessed with a creative mind. Why mar the beauty of Nature with dull scientific facts? When we can close our eyes and listen to Nature play a song with a brilliant orchestra of its own, why sit in gloom and wipe a tear, living in the past? And while I  share my thoughts with you, I can hear a mother scream out to her child," Come inside or you'll catch a cold." Is it a fear of illness? Or a Fear that controls our every step? A fear that will not let us rest or be the best that we can definitely be? However the rhapsody of the gentle drops lashing against the window sill has something important to tell. It whispers into our ears the mantra of one's survival.."Come, play with me and be alive...for I may not come to you tomorrow or ever...Be brave to feel me caress your cheeks...for tomorrow I may not be the happiness you seek." So... what have you decided to do today?


  1. Your article on rain reminded me about my Mumbai days... Lovely post, nostalgic.

  2. it a mesmerising piece .. one that lets the reader feel what u r feeling .. and I guess that's the hallmark of something well written :)

    Great post.. keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much for liking the post...:))