Thursday, May 30, 2013

A song of freedom

The 'second sex' lies ensconced in her little hood of shame,
"Free her", "Redeem her" of her inglorious past-
But all you do is try and tame
And measure the hemlines of her skirt to blame
And reason the leering meted out to her-alas!
She is a wild beast, ferocious in her fury,
Weak in her vulnerability;
So you laboriously get a law passed
On the pretext that women need protection
From the unruly mass!
The promises of justice
Slowly withers, perishes with time,
The shallow slogans voiced by hypocrites
Unfurls the farce, mocking all at once.
The shadows of lies doesn't fail to pass
By the lips of politicians pouting words of hope,
In spite of all pamphlets and journals published
Cruelty on women is every minute unleashed
With an air of defiance in regions remote.
Can you feel the air reeking
With the blood of innocent women?
Can you feel the torture and the pain
Of who create life and are worshiped even?

What you fail to comprehend is-
We are tired of all your hypothesis.
We don't need laws to protect our progeny,
We don't need your mute words of sympathy-
We cry out for our rights as individuals,
We demand you to be respectful-
Don't stifle us with your nonsense!
We aren't delicate or fragile,
Our education treats us equals-
We yearn to ring the bell for change
And heal the world, perverse and deranged,
Full of  lust and anger, that drives away sanity.
We here ring the bell,singing the song of humanity...
Can you feel the turn
Of the Wheels of Fortune?
Bringing in winds of transformation..
A hope of a generation's resurrection...
Beseeching mankind to practice Peace
Enabling womenfolk to live at ease.

P.S. This blog was in response to the contest -"Ring the Bell for IndiChange"

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