Sunday, May 19, 2013

A tale of Stories

Reality at times is stranger than fiction. And what is reality,one may ask. It is the bits and pieces of the incidents that chalk out our Destiny. Incidents spanning across time, moulding and defining our existence. In fact each and every moment we are breathing a story into the fabric of our lives. Hence, our very actions determine who we are.Actions speak louder than words. The words which merely serve as a catalyst to what we do, what we achieve in Reality.

 Now,what is the difference between the real and unreal? Unreal are those that fail to materialize in the current space of actuality but are infinitely harbored in the core of hearts. It's simply a page with an unexpected twist spelling danger or thrill, anxiety or bliss. Its very uncertainty makes the unreal so alluring. Deep inside,we still dwell in the illusory castle of the Unreal which offers limitless possibilities.Man has been an animal mortified by polarities. We detest food served on a plate. We are by nature hunters. We revel in hunting down answers necessary for our survival too. Dogged by curiosity we are jubilant in turning into the outlaw. Nobody likes to tamed. What is innate cannot be suppressed for long. The storm will rise, unleashing new stories, new memories. And the manner in which we document them is in itself a story too.

 How wonderful! You may think. And considering all the above-mentioned facts, Knowledge will always remain incomplete.Knowledge is rather the outcome of a documentation of perceptions of a specific group of people over a particular period of time. It is lethal as it can be the result of partly accurate observations.It can never be equated with Truth. Ignorance can no longer give rise to the illusory world of bliss for the true taste of bliss is not known by any.Truth and its endless quest is the ultimate reality of all living generations. It is pure. It is enlightening. It brings peace. And most importantly, it cannot be diluted by ordinary facts and suppositions. All that keeps us alive is this thirst-this strange insatiable thirst to know more. Know what, you may ask. To learn about these very stories that outline Truth. To recognize the inevitable and adapt our senses to the changes around us. To adapt and turn wise and add on to the treasure trove of Stories. Each and every speck of dust has something to reveal or perhaps has something to conceal.

There are stories all around us. Stories prisoned in the pages of the books- the yellow dusty pages with zillions of mysteries enclosed,of generations who have loved and lost,of the unearthly creatures who were more so the children of Mother Earth.There are  stories caged in our memory-one that is sung in a lullaby or helps us face  the higher truth. The stories of Nature,of the flora and fauna, the change of seasons,day and night- stories which are immortal as Life itself. And it is these stories that map our History. History that makes us proud of our roots,of the battles that we have survived, of the scars that our race has valiantly borne. It was not for nothing that the 1001 tales of Arabian Nights recounted by Scheherazade got you into the loop too. We have all a bit of Scheherazade in there. We are all eager to narrate our stories and live to see the onset of a new day. And in doing so, something is changing in the inner recesses of the Mind. Perception, may be. Or our Destiny. So,my question,do you have any new story to share today? Good luck, with them, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. Very deep thinking...well written

  2. But I think stories are inspired by some incidents most of the time. Hardly a few are works of imagination and creativity.


    1. Well, the the manner in which the incident unfolded varies with perspective...and the more you apply mind to the matter...the matter gets moulded by imagination...