Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fly away o little bird

Fly away o little bird,
Today isn't the day to spread cheer.
Today I mourn the dear departed,
Who has left this world forever.

Fly away o little bird
To the distant meadow green.
While I rest my melancholy head;
Lost in his thoughts, I turn serene.
His life swims swiftly by my eyes,
My vision misted by a drizzle.
All I remember is his wrinkly smile
On a visage undisturbed by trouble.

Fly away o little bird
To a land where you can come by his spirit,
And feel his greatness, that lies unparalleled
In the mortal world and all beyond it.
His greatness lies not only in his works,
(Far in number, more than you can count)
With undying passion,he served his purpose,
An epitome of sincerity and virtues manifold.
Awe-inspiring was his heart, so brave and so bold-
Unafraid to break free of the domineering mould,
And usher in the new, which so very few
Could dare to reconstruct, what they believed was true,
And be daring enough, to step outside the existing boundary...
O little bird, now you do realize why I feel so very unhappy...

Fly to me now o little bird,
His body of flesh you see at last,
Pay your respect to the most beloved,
His memories will live on... deep in our hearts.