Friday, July 19, 2013


What hurts more than a look of despise?
What brings tears to those frosty little eyes?
What causes the tremor in the aching heart?
What has a sway on emotions from the start?
Words, ah! simple words:
A mysterious temptress.
Arresting people far and wide,
In its silken waves of unfathomable delight,
Defining and outlining our earthly existence,
Rendering silhouettes and shadows solid substances.
Forging and strengthening ties, new and strong,
Shaping and creating history all along.
What would we ever do in its very absence?
How would be survive without airing all our grievance?
How would we surmount strictures, paint beautiful pictures
If the mind's canvas was stark, groping in the dark?
How would one profess one's sincere affection
Without songs and rhymes revealing one's undying passion?
Words, ah! simple words:
The miracle of the universe.
Stringing a pearl of thoughts so rich,
The wise lay besotted, weilding its power which
Can bridge the gulf,  bringing in equality,
Can liberate the lost souls of its dreadful drudgery.
Words of love and words of hate,
Words of wisdom and unending debate,
Their pacifying power withstands the climes curdling in rage,
If chosen carefully, they delineate our Fate.
Empowering and enriching,
Enlightening and bewitching.
A harmless play of words,
The cornerstone for all absurd.
More than ever,
In the midst of deafening laughter and chuckle,
The somnolent indifferent people buckle
Up for an era where there isn't any place for a healthy retort
(For these are times when the trove of words fall short)
Paving way for void and vacuum
"The death of words": walking into our doom.
So, ponder and reflect and regroup the alphabets,
Let us form a Word that'll salvage the wreckage
Of a civilization blinded by emotionless emoticons;
Remember words once lost, will be for ever gone.
Speaking without expressing is not effective communication,
Let the rainbow of letters result in our race's resurrection.


  1. Great words about words...
    Came empty and u gave thoughts in herds...
    A reflection of u in every sentence..
    its there to see for all us nerds :))))

    1. Thank you, thank you and thank YOU once again :)))