Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Death of a Pen

O mercy! O mercy! my vein is running dry,
I breathe my last, my time has come, alas!
The death knell's been rung, the mourning's begun,
With the final parting sigh, it's time to bid goodbye.
Confounded with grief, I beg your leave,
O White Lady, me... I plead you to forgive.
The promises we shared, the dreams we bred,
Today lie shattered, and brutally battered
In the hands of time, echoed (in vain) in this fruitless rhyme.
You'll forever be in my heart, here we'll never be apart,
Our love and affection, will in certain find rendition
In the songs of bards, on your lips as words.
Yet a pain so intense, fills the final hours of my existence
With memories and regret, of the words I couldn't correct.
The blue goes dry, an emptiness is alive
With the final blot, that your white does clot,
I announce the demise, of a Pen once wise. 


  1. It's cute and it's really nice to read

  2. Am sure u would win the contest for being a champion of PEN Rights hands down if ever there was one :)
    lovely post.
    my pen agrees :)

    1. Hahaha...thank you...this was a novel way to express your really do have a way with words!

  3. A very beautiful poem that appeals to the mind.