Monday, July 8, 2013

Opposites attract

You break my heart each and every time,
You flip and toss it like a coin.
You say you love me yet wound me bad,
Your head full of arrogance simply drives me mad!
You never listen when I try and explain
Why I obsess over something, while you cast a look of disdain.
Every conversation with you is a struggle of its kind,
With you it seems, it's useless exercising my mind!
When the dinner lies untouched on the table,cold,
You continue to bicker on the orders, new and the old.
You cry buckets when we break up
But ignore my calls the day thereafter,
(You forget how we were set up
In the midst of merry banter!)
You forget my birthday, even the date of our anniversary,
The flowers you sent a month later only adds to my misery.
You dance a dance which I detest,
You fight a fight which I protest.
You are the wrong to my right,
You are the darkness to my light.
Yet why do I love you head over heels?
Your smile makes me realize how strongly I feel
For you and your stupidity, and all the rest you do,
For love sees no reason: it's only companionship,sublime and true.
When you say nothing ...nothing really at all
You say more than you think..Silence speaks volumes after all!
With all love and hatred you're still mine.. (silly brat),
Finally I understand why people say that opposites attract!