Friday, July 19, 2013

Love over a cup of coffee

...And I blushed!... Soaking in the wordless praise,
How such acts of admiration set my heart ablaze!
The man that I had so long in my mind had chased,
Now seemed to reciprocate my passion, unfazed!
This gentleman I had come across in a forgettable cafe,
He was engrossed in his laptop, sipping an insipid latte.
While I observed him with keen eyes, discreet and unsure
Of my instant likeness for a man, who to my friends seemed a bore.
A gentle smile, through the unkempt beard, played in an occasional interval,
At other times, he only gazed deeply into his dog-eared novel.
The sudden spark of a long-forgotten memory sent him in throes of euphoria
Yet the eyes, I observed, had a distinct stillness, speaking volumes about his persona.
I wished I knew what he was writing, if it was a letter to his beloved...
For he seemed like a man thriving in romance,(not a rookie wasting ages discovering it.)
A strong tension built up,as a silent attraction took place,
As I yearned for him to cast his eyes on me..just that single once!
A queer tingle deep inside, my emotions running uncontrollably wild,
I felt my good senses getting numb,
And I could definitely feel a distinct lump
Down my throat, as my palms got clammy,
Yet my eyes stayed fixed on him, my world was so topsy-turvy!
But then, out of the blue, he looked straight into my eyes,
My heart jumped into my mouth
 He acknowledged my curious gaze, without a seed of surprise,
His smile was my escape route
From all binding inhibitions,
From all my insecurities,
From all exhausting tribulations,
From all mundane trivialities.
That smile,that half crooked smile, charming and alluring,
That faint nod, those merry eyes, brilliant and sparkling.
Revealed so much of him to me yet it surely meant nothing...
After four years of marriage, of courtship and clandestine meetings,
I now realize that lingering smile, had chalked out 'our' story's very beginning.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

...Ant yet again, this post was adjudged a WOW post...This time I topped the list (it may have been a random selection..but feels great on topping the list of WOW entries)....Am super happy...


  1. Awesome .. was totally watching it happen... could do away with the rhyming words though... let the words just flow next time...

    1. Suggestion noted...will definitely do so the next time

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  3. if the scene is painted in front of my eyes...
    Loved it... <3