Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Wedding Night

A strange feeling engulfs my soul
As I listen to the departing steps.
With soft giggles and a gentle caress, 
I am ushered into a room, where 'am put to rest.
Here I am to metamorphose,
Here I am to live the change,
Here I am to endorse
My new identity, my new surname.
What has changed in me today?
Do I cease to be the girl I was yesterday?
My thoughts are interrupted by the hushed tones
Of the flock outside awaiting the groom. 
Adorned in red of fine silk, with palms reflecting a deep maroon,
I sit and wait...wait for the anxiety to abate.

The stillness is broken by the fan's dreary drone,
The buzz of mosquitoes ring in a melodious tune.
The exhaustion I wear weighs me down,
The jewellery seems jaded that I unwillingly adorn.
The flowers lay scattered, my will broken,
I lower my eyes and offer a quick prayer to Heaven.
I hear the door open and close behind,
A sudden fright takes control, leaving me cold.
A strange figure, tall and turbaned takes my side,
My self quivers, while I try to remember what had been told
To me of such a night as when it would come,
Of mixed horror and pleasures, that it would summon.
I wanted no adventure, nor desired any thrill,
I was only a child of sixteen,wanting to live her share's fill.

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