Sunday, August 11, 2013

The story of humanity

'Honesty is the best policy'
Many a times we've heard them say,
Yet how baffling a travesty
We live, to see opposites hold its sway.
While true words are swept under the rug,
Headlines circled by the rings of coffee mug,
Incidents lie distorted, disfigured and maimed,
Debates ensue with no solutions gained.
While bribes are ripe, and justice blind,
The innocent thrives in a time unkind,
No cloud is marked by a silver lining,
The hearts are crushed, left forever pining.
As puffs of smoke darkens the core,
Crimes see a rise, with more blood and gore.
With philosophers of yester-years all proved right,
Homo sapiens resulting in his generation's homicide.
But does after the dark come the light?
The hope we harbour,the despair we slight,
Is it enough to make a wrong a right?
We strive, we believe and we fight
Day and night, to restore balance
To a civilization hanging precariously on chance.
As the dying century's death knell
Is heard closing the rotting generation's gamble,
Faith evaporates and Love bids farewell,
Nothing at all is well in this Hell... 
But...can the present put the past behind?
Can we still preach that forgiveness is divine?
Can we still slay greed and lust?
Can we not our morality turn to dust?
Can we rise like a phoenix after the fall?
Can the lusty youth hold up promises for all?
Of a mind lit brightly by the red of passion?
Of noise bathed solemnly in the calm of silence?
Of a reign of Honor, Compassion and Integrity?
Of a world where Honesty is still the best policy?
We dream of a change to alter the events...
Till then... we live and die, continue our existence.

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