Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A love song

The world of melodies, the world of flowers,
Countless dreams in furtive hours,
Awakened eyes don't feel the sleep:
Sweet pangs of pleasure fills in deep.
Lyrics and rhyme lace a song divine,
The beloved burns and perishes...yet feels fine!
The enigma ne'er ceases, it kindles a fire,
A passion that intense, drowning in a fit of desire.
Yet meaning evades, playing hide and seek:
"You're in love, my dear,permit your heart to speak!"
Ah, but speech is a bitch, raising nothing but sighs,
While the bleeding heart saunters about the starry sky.
A Heart that heals is a Mind that knows,
Love is blind, it gropes and goes.
That's how the world breeds and dies-
In throes of adolescence, in promises and lies.


  1. An ode to love..the real icing on the cake Neelima:)
    I am taking part in UBC and do check

  2. Best lines fort me were the last three lines. :)
    Overall liked it :)