Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life is what you make

"Life is what you make"
Is a wisdom you choose to take
And eat and swallow
(For the words aren't shallow)
And once ingrained,
Your life has changed.
Yet we never do what we should,
We revel in the bad and not the good.
Life is what you make-
A wisdom you hold at stake.

The world around is a hub of mean.
Bleeding red, inhaling green.
Dreaming blue but living black;
Abundant with rampage and attack.
No way to claim what was ours
For honest and true thrive behind the bars.
Hopes of a pale gleam of ray
Is what slowly drains our life everyday.
For our life is what others decide:
What we do is nothing but hide.

Hide..hide..hide in shame,
We are all part of this very game.
You run, I chase.
You die, I take your place.
Life goes on while you gaze.
It is such a complicated maze!

"Think simple,be focused"- is what they tell
But the language dies, the words fail.
What rises is a pungent smell
Of rotten souls, rotting in Hell.
Fear not, the end is nigh.
Don't build the walls so high.
When they come crashing,
You'll only be wishing,
If life was what You made.
And not exist by their dictates.